Opposed by:

- Doctors

- Nurses

- Disability and Patient

Rights Organizations.

No Provision


Family be Notified

Nothing to Protect Patients

When there are Pressures,

Whether Financial or Emotional

New York Alliance Against Assisted Suicide


New York Alliance Against Assisted Suicide is an alliance of disability rights, healthcare, civil rights, faith-based and patient advocacy organizations dedicated to preventing legalization of assisted suicide in New York.

Important Updates

  • Aid in dying bill sends a dangerous message to children

    By Susan M. Matthews Last month, two girls, one 14-year-old from Miami and a 12-year-old from Georgia, live-streamed their suicides on Facebook. Another 33-year-old man did the same in Los Angeles. There are 3 million teens in the U.S. experiencing major depressive disorders, a top......

  • Letter: Aid in dying proposal lacks vital safeguards

    Despite recent claims made to The News, proposed aid in dying legislation fails to protect New York’s most vulnerable. For one, the proposed bill’s requirement for witnesses lacks appropriate safeguards. A terminally ill patient could easily be manipulated with an interest in hastening death for......

  • NY Top Court Urged to Say No to Assisted Suicide

    April 3, 2017 — As the alarming trend towards legalizing physician assisted suicide makes inroads across the nation and around the globe, Agudath Israel of America has filed an amicus curiae brief in a major case that will be heard by the highest court in......

  • Assisted Suicide Activists Reintroduce Bill – Times Union

    Opponents of the legislation say no modification could make physician-assisted suicide safe for vulnerable patients, including disabled people or wealthy individuals whose heirs are interested in a speedier access to their inheritance. Insurance companies might also encourage policyholders to take advantage of such a law......